That's right; I have finally got a "Nintendo Updates" blog started. After all, it is! So yeah, I've been meaning to do this at the very beginning, but I've been kinda putting it off. Oh well, too bad. So anyway, not much news with the big N to report today, however if you are currently a Wii Owner, have I got some news to share!
Nintendo is now packaging "Wii Remote Jackets" with Wii Consoles that will be shipped after October 15th.
Now at first, I thought, well that's a cool little case for your remote, but I bought my Wii earlier this year and was a bit disappointed not to be able to get one. However I quickly read on and saw that we early buyers have been considered also; even veteran Wii owners can order up to four these bad boys for free at Nintendo's support site. Nintendo will begin shipping these free remote jackets to you starting on October 15th, so if you are a Wii Owner, go ahead and place an order! After all, it?s free!
-Jeffrey Vega
Nintendo Boy