Sonic has been officially confirmed for Brawl! Can you say "sweetness"? You can view more info on Sonic in Brawl along with 2 videos at the smashbros website (link below). However in other not-so-good news relating to Brawl, the release date for the game changed from "December 3rd, 2007" to TBD, which more than likely means this highly-anticipated game will be delayed yet again. I hear it is confirmed as delayed in Japan until early January 2008. I hope it'll be released by the holiday season so I can get it cheap! C'mon Brawl people, this game is the reason why I have a Wii! Link, Snake, and Sonic will be my most favorite characters! Woohoo!

In other news, the Wii got a fresh of breathe air again as you can now update to the Wii Menu 3.1, which will be able to host new updated versions of the "Everybody Votes" & Internet Channel. Also, Nintendo is working on a new upgrade that will let you download free DS games demos to your DS from the Wii! That sounds awesome!

Anyway stay tuned for more info, and thanks for stopping by Nintendo Boy!

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-Jeffrey Vega Nintendo Boy

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