.. eh, kinda. Hello again! Erm, let's see, I'm sure you know by know that I have pushed back the date for #1.2. Yeah, sorry, I know, actually a lot people of bugging me for the next episode, but I won't be able to release when I said, which was today... Don't worry, the script is almost done, and I am possible looking into using a different camera for filming, so if you're out there (and you know me obviuosly), drop me a comment!

Um, anyway, as for as the site goes, I've been working hard on a new community page which I hope to release later today actaully. And, yes, I will be having the fourms here again instead of proboards (if you've been wondering because those forums are done). So, once that happens, there should be a lot more activity on this sorta dead site. After all, the community is the basis of this site.

Also, keep on the look out for a big site community event with the tentative title of "NB Adventure". Heh, yep, the surprises are coming! If you want to become a member here, visit back in a little bit and you'll get the opportunity! Anyway, thanks again for reading!

-Jeffrey Vega Nintendo Boy

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