Okay, so my site is new and just getting off the ground, but boy oh boy does my site seem very messy. I think my weekend project will be cleaning up some areas of the site that will look better and will be easier to navigate for you. Keep on the look for gradual changes to some pages!Also, here's something to keep you interested: Wish you could have your website? For personal use, or maybe for your club or something? Do you want a nice site with no advertisements, and even your own ".com" name? Want your chat rooms, photo albums, and much much more? Well, I would like to introduce "NintendoBoy SiteService"! That's right, your own website about whatever you want. Our basic premium packages start off at $30 a year. Just $30 a year for your website. Seriously, think of the possibilities! Contact me if you're interested (a 'more info' page will be released in the coming days).

Stay tuned!