That is the approximate number of people who have visited in December so far. Wow. And yes, that number counts "unique visitors", so don't think I just sit at home pressing "refresh" all day on my site... *shifty eyes* Haha, so anyway, yes, that is all lot of people. Unfortunately, out of all those people, not everyone is nice. When I say they are not nice, I mean they leave nasty comments, constantly spam the areas where you can post (usually with their own website), and so on. And to all you good people out there, I thank you, and therefore I'd like to protect your safety on this site. So here's what is going to happen:

First and foremost, I will re-think where I place "comment boxes" around the site. I am only one guy, and can not monitor everything 24/7. Also, there are some people who keep coming to my site to rear their ugly head. First off, if you keep advertising your site on mine, many will think you are desperate for visitors for your site, however I am touched to have you advertise on my site, thinking many people will come... you have the right idea. But, I don't allow it. Sorry, not trying to be mean, but it's my site, not yours to spam. If this keeps happening, I will gladly make a "Wall of Shame" consisting of the people (And their websites - aka don't go there) who keep spamming by trying to steal my visitors. Again, I do not mind that you advertise in my guestbook (so I can look at yours and perhaps leave a comment), but please do so only once.

*sigh* Ah, that was a good rant. Please keep the comments coming, whether positive or negative, just don't leave crap that no one else wants to see. I like constructive criticism (for example on my films), but don't shoot me down. Unless you make your own films and have a nice site, do not insult me, because odds are you can't do what I do. Either way, thanks for coming to my site.

Also, another thing, some people have asked me whether I look at your comments. The answer is yes, I read every single comment posted on my site, including YouTube comments. That in mind, make your comments good ;) Remember, if you need to contact me, use the correct form and I shall respond to you... if I can. (Did you know that over 30% of forms I get have an invalid/fake email?) Haha.

So, um, on a lighter note... hmmm, is that a new release date for #1.3 I see on the FILMS page?? (That's right, the script is in progress and will release this month!!) Also, I would like to hear your comments on the Radar: Nintendo section... I like how it's going but I'd like to build so much more for that page.

Anyway, WOO, that was a long post. But hey, thanks to you if you read it all... in fact, have a cookie:


You guys rock. Thanks for coming to!