Hello again! Sorry for the extreme downtime early this week. My hosting provider freewebs decided to mess around with templates, resulting in the corruption of my old dark green one. That's why you are seeing the new look! I hope you like it, it took awhile to adjust to my site. I've upgraded to a new cleaner, wider template for all you people with fancy wide screens! Tell me what you think! :P Anyway, what this update is really about is to officially announce the beginning of the application process for "staff". Here's a rundown of the info: I am looking for about 5 excellently skilled people in a certain area.


  • Wii
  • DS
  • Virtual Console
  • and Nintendo Accessories


  • Comics
  • Everything will be sent to me - as of now, you have no access to edit the actual site.
  • We will merge websites! - www.yournamehere.internetdinosaur.com
  • Have admin access to certain hidden projects
  • Post your own updates - have your own page on the site
  • Email: name@internetdinosaur.com (coming soon)
  • must be able to frequently access reliable internet access

Think of me as Dr. House and you applicants as my team. So, again, I need you to have a site, want to do well, merge your site with mine (you can still keep your freewebs site/account and such), and other such things.

Please comment HERE on this blog to let me know if you're interested. I can make exceptions to the requirements, just leave your mark here for now. Leave your site URL & email - if I'm interested in YOU you shall receive an email. Thanks guys! NintendoBoy.com! Woo hoo! :P