... that's a song by 'The Postal Service'. BUT that's beside the point. The point is.. welcome back to an old site with new tricks! Or, is that a dog? Hmm. angry-mask-salesman

I'm sure by now you've seen some big changes to the site. First off, in case you're colorblind, I've spiced up the site colors this week for Valentine's Day! I thought that would be neat, and hope you enjoy this layout change for this week only.

Next, is the organization. That empty-looking welcome page that you now see when you visit "internetdinosaur.com"... is pure HTML. If you don't understand computer lingo, that means I've built it from scratch. =] Yes, it took a while, and yes, I am happy the way it turned out which brings me to my next point...

Razorswitch. First off, I've built the welcome page because I wanted to branch out to my other projects. That's right, NintendoBoy is not alone as I add a new project to the mix... Razorswitch. It's a story about a gaming company that's trying to compete with other companies. Originally written by a friend, him and I will bring the scripts to life in video-format. It's good to be? good.... and big. So good, that I even acquired the domain name for it:

[update: this feature was removed]

yep, in all it's spiffy font-reflecting-ness! You shall here from this side-project of mine shortly... oh and it will be worth the wait!

Also, don't think I've forgotten about NintendoBoy... heck, if it wasn't for those videos, you wouldn't be on this site! I have stopped making NB videos (for now) to focus on Razorswitch, but rest assured, something new is coming from NintendoBoy!

Isn't all of this exciting?! :P

Since all of the changes are happening, I decided to clean up / fix some older pages, so you may want to take a look at what's new!

Well, I think that's a good enough update to keep ya going for the week.

Stay tuned! :]