outbid-ds-liteI'm sure you are familiar with eBay. I, for one, like it a lot, and have bought some neat rarities from there such as some old N64 cartridges. But anyway, the reason I mention this is because it has suddenly taken control over me! So, I didn't know when this happened, but Nintendo discontinued the Crimson/Black DS Lite color. Yeah, what the heck? Why? To make way for the new Cobalt/Black color that released last week? Pfft. Spiffeh, but Nintendo really knows how to get people to buy the same system over and over again!

You all know I have the original DS Phat (as seen in Episode #1.3) and had really no intention of upgrading, but when that beautiful combination of red black graced a shiny DS Lite late last year, I had to get it; this color combination also happens to be my favorite, much like my iPod video - U2 color style!

So, time passed, and when I heard rumors about Nintendo cutting off production for this color, I made a trip. I visited my local Gamestop to find out from the counter guy that they aren't receiving anymore shipments of that DS color. Bummer. That being said, it brings me back to my first sentence. With this, the prices for the auctions of Red/Black DS have sky rocketed. I have been unable to find one on the 'net such as BestBuy.com, so it looks like my best bet would be just finding the last stock at a store, because as you can see, I am not very succuessful via eBay. o.o;

So, that's my juncture right now as far as Nintendo goes... I am looking for one. It's keeping me a bit pre-occupied and a little twitchy. But that won't collapse my plans for this weekend! This Monday is President's Day here in the states, and I will be free of schoolwork! I shall take advantage of this by going ahead with the blueprints for Razorswitch, episode 1. It should be good. The script is almost done, and, gosh, you guys are gonna love it. It's hilarious. Or, at least the script is... so I hope we can produce the same effect on video. Are you hyped up!? I am. Heheh. See you Tuesday for another update! Have a spectacular weekend. :]