Wow.. what a week. I'm just glad it's the weekend. I'm just glad we are finally shooting Razorswitch tomorrow. I'm just glad it's not butter. Blah blah blah! Well, I have contacted everyone who is necessary for this film shoot, and uh, wow, it looks like we are actually doing this... we are actually going through here! Well, that's that. I may or may not post the script up after the video goes live (which should happen sometime by next week if all goes well), just for fun to see how we built around our basic plot. I'll have to get permission from the creator, though. But yeah, that's that. Wish us luck! Or not... hmm, maybe we won't need it. Haha, but er, yeah, I'm really looking forward to it. The crew is great and we're all close friends so it should be blast to film and a blast for you to watch!Well, it's the weekend, and I'll be busy with other things here and there, so let me leave you some neat things for these 2 blogless days... that's right "blogless".. I can make up words if I want, it's my blog! Haha. Well first off, some interesting Nintendo news that came out today straight from GDC 2008:"Nintendo seems to be joining in with the rest of the console movement when it comes to online play. At GDC, Nintendo announced that they will soon offer the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Pay And Play service. This will be implemented on some games, which will tack on a service charge for playing online. The specific pricing details were not announced, but Wii points will be used in order to pay for the service. This will happen with some online games on both Wii and DS. Games that feature the Pay and Play service will be given a special red marking alongside the traditional WFC logo." On top of that, it was confirmed that Nintendo will finally allow downloadable content for Wii games. This applies to disc-based games, WiiWare titles, and so on. The new content will be available for purchase through the games that feature DLC. Perhaps this will finally allow us to download songs for GHIII, and hopefully it will be in place by the time Rock Band is released on our platform."

Hmm, seems interesting. Hopefully with this odd decision, they will improve they will we connect. *cougharrghfriendcodesargh*cough* But yea, I look forward to something like this if it's worth it. Well, that's your taste for Nintendo today. Haha, still waiting for BRAWL! Ahh, countdown in the community page... have you been there recently? The forums are on fire, so join in on the discussions! =P

So, yes, with me being busy for pumping out new content for the site, I won't be around much here, so I shall leave you this video to entertain you... enjoy the music here in this video, thanks to a DS Phat (yay original Nintendo-ness!) and some iPhones! Very cool video.

So, with that being said... er, watched... um, listened... ...have a great weekend! =] BRAWL IN 2 WEEKS!