nb-holding-brawlEveryone and their dog knows about Brawl. Chris Slate of Nintendo Power Magazine states,"I'm ecstatic to report that Brawl isn't just amazing, and it isn't just one of the best titles on Wii, but it's one of the very best games that Nintendo has ever produced."I'm sure, as a Nintendo fan yourself, you are also quite excited about this epic game. I myself, am heading out to my local GameStop to participate at the midnight launch / tourney this Saturday night. You have no idea how excited I am for this release... this is THE game, and I'm sure any Nintendo fan will tell you just the same. With that being said, some new Brawl-related goodies shall be popping up soon under the Project:NintendoBoy page! While the team and I work out some behind-the-scenes details, it will be awhile before anything new comes up. Ah well, I'll have time to work the "NintendoBoy" side of things. That's good right? This is why you're probably here. :] Anyway, the new thing is this: Adventure Plots. Yes, I'm sure you are familiar with this, and perhaps you saw a glimpse of inside Mario's house, but this time it's a whole new ball game. Basically, a comic will be released starring Nintendo Boy in a crazy storyline / plot drawn by a good buddy of mine, Laura Chaparro. You can thank her for that amazing character design of NB holding a copy of Brawl. :] So, like I said, a comic will be released for your reading enjoyment. Then, a few days will pass by to give everyone chance to read it, and an interactive puzzle / game will surface online to correspond with the plot. EXAMPLE: A comic comes up about NB rushing home after he picks up Brawl, but at the end of the comic, NB looses the game - then, a game will surface HERE on the site where you could help NB find the game - it could be located on a page as a small image, who knows. // Do you get it? I hope you do, and sounds exciting for you because it does to me! Everyone will be able to play and have their own account here. I am working on a points-prize system. But anyway, that's the gist, and whenever I take a break from Brawl over the weekend, I will get this up and running hopefully by next Wednesday. :] So, what do you say, audience of internetdinosaur.com?? Post your thoughts below, thanks guys!

Next time you'll hear from me, I'll be playing Brawl, and hope you to see you on Wi-Fi soon. :]