jeff-got-brawlI shall make a more formal post later this week, but for now, I'm just happy to FINALLY have Brawl, and I'm sure you are too (if you have a Wii). :] I was the first person to get Brawl at my local Gamestop, but that's only because I stood first in line at the counter most of the time since I lost early in the second round tourney. I was killed by Luigi as Link in Super Sudden Death... ah, the fun times. And, when I got home, wi-fi was packed with people, and the lag wasn't really that bad for me; it's Brawl, the game that lived up to it's hype! Also, I am thinking of doing an online tourney with a prize of a Wii points card, all via this site, sound fun? Well, if you wanna battle with me via wi-fi, leave your friend code & email here in the comments, and I can get back to you shortly. :] Happy brawling!