feather-duster*inhales* Ahhh, can't ya just smell it? I can, mainly because I did all of the spring cleaning. And by cleaning, I mean the site. :] Yes, there changes I have mentioned in my previous blog post "Re-Do", have been more or less completed. The sense of accomplishment... the feeling is a good one! Let's take a look at some renovations:

  • A simpler home page - one spiffy-looking drawing and one easy "enter" button
  • 'Adventure Plot' - ... er, right, I really wanna do this soon, haha, but I have great ideas for it
  • Absense of Razorswitch - like I said, still in the works, but will have it's own site
  • Cleaner 'NintendoBoy' page - yes, click there to find a history lesson and the films
  • 'Contact Me' page - the link moved from the navigation bar to the 'all about me' page
  • 'Game Room' - yes, now easier to find... it has it's own space on the navi bar

Speaking of the game room, I *finally* added a new game, which is a classic Zelda game... fans of the SNES/GBA games will like this one. :] But anyway, yea, I did some spring cleaning around the hous- er, website (well, it's still winter... eh). I hope you like the new features and that the site is easier to navigate for you. But really, this is just clean... currently there really is no new content; I am currently working on that. Haha, so in the mean time, play some games. Oh, and happy St. Patrick's Day! :]