comic-wii... or, at least, that's how it seems. I still get a surprisingly lot of people that come and go here, and by a 'surprisingly lot of people' I mean around 50 people per day. Hey, that's not bad right? Most of them are my friends whom I advertise to, but haha, yeah.You'd think that by nowsomeone would of pulled of my adventure plot that I finally finished. Or maybe it's because that no one can figure out the plot?? Whatever the case, let's take a look at my first clue! (maybe you just haven't been here recently... yeah, that's it) :] Clue #1 Let's hope this is the only clue I have to throw out there. Feel free to discuss in the comments of this post. Okay, so let's think about this. What can we work with? Nintendo Boy found a Wii box, but no Wii in it? Hmm, that's odd, seeing as the end of the comic shows that NB is holding a Wii. Was it fake? How could he of not known?? Well, it doesn't matter now. All we now know is that something else was in that box. YOU need to find out what that was to go on to the second chapter. Think: You have the Wii box. If you wanted to know what was inside, how would you figure that out?: Occam's Razor states that the simplest answer is always the best. So, you should have an idea. I say it's common sense. I think you should go somewhere on the site (you should know where) and do what you're thinking! Who knows, you may hopefully be right!