comic-yeyAh, I'll be honest here: it's not really a clue. If you read the words before "Clue #2", you can now see that I have given up on you. I was very impressed by Mr. Adam Terrell, who managed to take on the first chapter! I had some others get it, but I know they had help because I know who they are, but ANYWAY... People, is it really that hard?! I mean, someone who did not know how my plot worked managed to find the answer minutes after I posted Clue #1. So, eh, I really can't believe it. I have lost faith in my community. ;_; haha, not really, but c'mon!

Right, soo anyway, I've decided to post the answer and explanation to the first chapter. By doing this, I hope you come to see how the plot works, maybe you'll be a bit surprised on how my game works and will have interest in chapter 2?!

I thought that this would be a big hit, and I think it still can be. My pal Laura enjoyed making the comic for the site, and I don't want that to go to waste! *hint hint* The Comic!

Listen, if you still haven't figured it out by now, the secret is IN the comic. There, I will consider that the second clue. Do you still want to see the answer, or do you want to give the plot a second chance??

Finding the secret is easy if you think common sense. What are you trying to do? What was the mission? You want to know what's inside the box, right? Well???!

Oh, I can see the expression on your face! Aha, yeah, you have an idea, but you think it may be wrong. What do you have to lose? Go ahead and try your idea! It's not going to cost you anything!

Ooops, have I said to much? I think my pal over at feels the game has become unbalanced; don't worry, I'll remember you were the first to complete it without my generous hints! You shall be honored when the plot is over - if anyone can finish it!

Last, but not least, er, the thing I promised at the beginning of this awkwardly long blog post - the answer??! You just can't help it, huh? You know, curiosity killed the cat, but I assume you are not a cat, so I think it's okay, I suppose.

So, here you go! (are you sure you want to skip the fun of finding out??) :]

» Ch.1 Answer (for those who insist):