jeffrey-tacky-dayThe English philospher William of Ockham came up with a principle. He said that shortest way of saying something is the best. Or more specifically, the simplest answer to a question is always the best. He called it "Ochkam's Razor". So, I shall say what I need to say in the shortest way possible: There's a new Nintendo Boy video coming this weekend.

Could you say it any better? Probably, but no matter. The main bullet point to take away from is that, finally, since the first day of this year, I have another video for you. Stick around the site, as it will pop-up soon on the home page! Aren't you excited?! Look how excited I am in this picture! :]

Oh, and also, did you know you can now support the site and get something in return?!

Ah, and more thing. I'm debating about whether or not to continue the Adventure Plot. It was fun to make, but the turnout was low. I don't want to waste my time! Heh, also, did you not love my last blog post?! The really helpful link, and the whole "APRIL FOOLS" message with the first letter of every paragraph... hah, did you notice that first time around??

BUT, anyway, um... yeah. New video. Finally. The first new and improved (yes, new AND improved - how can that be??) video since the triology. Look forward to it. :]

The video will be so very different from what you're probably expecting. It has more than one person in it! Yay, I have friends! Haha. Also, I will be using iMovie to make this film rather than the nice, but limited Windows Movie Maker. Be sure to expect some music, sticky situations, and a whole lotta Nintendo-goodness. Well, Wii goodness in this case. After all, in the last video #1.3, a bomb kinda destroyed everything. Realizing it may of been a BIT difficult to jump off from that, I'm leaning toward a sequel of 1.1 & 1.2. What happens when Nintendo Boy finally gets his Wii, and can actually play it in peace. Yeah, it's going to be awesome. Or at least, I hope it will be. I look forward to when the video is live... ahhh, the anticipation is killing me! And, hopefully you too. Well, I don't want you dead... but, you know what I mean...! Right?! :] UPDATE 4.11.08: The video is now up! Click "Home" on the navigation bar for the link to YouTube...!