mario-kart-wiiThe site sure has been quiet lately. This is a direct result of me "hard at work" on school stuff as the final stretch of my junior year of high school approaches. Finals, AP/IB Exams, Essays, Projects... it's all overwhelming. And I must say, April 27th did sneak up on me. Before I knew it, Mario Kart Wii was coming out. Whoa, already?! What was Nintendo thinking releasing 2 huge big name AAA titles within 2 months? Well, I won't question it, even though I sorta just did. ANYWAY, with a new game, comes a new video... actually I just made that up. But seriously though, I am a big fan of Mario Kart. And the latest installment comes with a Wii Wheel (Yes, that's right, "Wii Wheel"... just say that out loud - it's quite awkward to say)! So, when school is finally out, the trio behind the films will once again pull out another video, tentatively titled "Mario Kart Mayhem". It should be great, and funny as always. I look forward to making it. So, you are now wondering, what the title of the post is about. When I said that the 27th sneaked up on me, I wasn't kidding. I knew my local Sam's was opening at midnight to sell the game (for $44.66) and extra wheels (for $8.66), so I thought (5 hours before midnight), why not grab my pals and shoot something there to see what happens?! The end result is a now-dubbed PREQUEL to the next NB video - click here. :]