the-rendezvousIt's big. It's really big. And if you haven't seen the page lately, the date for it's launch it's closely approaching. Your jaw will drop on June 21st, 2008 at 8:00 P.M. EST. I'm quite excited about this project I've kept under wraps for quite some time, and will be ecstatic when I'll finally release the world I've created. [posted 6/14] UPDATE... okay, so I didn't really like my incredibly short blog post, so I'll mumble for a few more paragraphs. Does anyone even read this?? I have this as the main page for a reason! Hah, well, whatever. I like writing these posts, and will continue to do so. :)

Okay, so here's a post that will surely attract a bunch of webmasters who visit this site. I'm starting an affiliate program, finally. In other words, I will advertise YOU if you advertise me. However, your site must be good enough to where I'd want to show it off on my site, AND you must be Nintendo-related in some way. I apologize if you don't meet the requirements, but then again I do look at every site who posts in the guestbook and such, so I can always make exceptions. Feel free to email me at my... (gasp) email, post in the comments of this blog post, or just post in the guestbook. I'm looking forward to flow some more traffic my way, and the same to my future partners! :) You have no idea how many emails I get asking to partner... well, here's the solution finally.

Anyway... Games. Games... is Nintendo. So, really, not having games on this site is out of the question. If you've been with me for a while, you know that I'm always re-arranging to the site to where I see fit. If you visit the new lounge (so far, you can only access it in the dimension of links page), there will be a link. The game room is under the forum, next to the comments and shoutbox. I've added back the games we used to have, but I took down zelda, because stats showed me that was not a favorite of you guys. Plus, I need to save space. So anyway, I really want to have a lot more games added more often, so keep checking back to the game room. I hope you like the way I've arranged it, because I do. :)And as always, if you find something wrong, please contact me in some way.

red-mushroom-keychainThe gift shop! This is the first time I've officially advertised it, despite it being opened since mid-April. The reason was because the web store application I use for the site did not allow for a background image, and as you know, this site sticks out for it's unusually bright colors, thanks to my background. ;) Well, now, my hosting guy finally made it work so I can add backgrounds. So... yay! I'd like to welcome you to visit the small store I have, accessing it through the links page. I have knocked everything down a couple bucks, so please feel free to browse! And as always, please feel free to contact me!

And well, I think that's all I have to say for now. Oh, also, my hosting site is working on a possible membership program where you can sign up for an account on my site, and then have your own account and everything... if so, it will work PERFECTLY with my new project, as stated earlier in this blog post. So, look forward to some new things. And, well, as far as videos go, my buds who I work with are all busy in different places over the summer, so it'll be harder to get a video done, but we will have at least one big, new one before the summer's out. Sorry guys, but it's been hectic! >.< But don't fret, the rendezvous will hopefully keep you occupied for some good fun. And if you have any ideas, please, throw 'em out to me. I love hearing from you all! :)

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