mario-jump-stunt-portalSleep. It's a great thing. But when I can't get any, I think. Or, listen to my iPod with the Sleep Timer set for 90 minutes, but that's not the point, or at least the latter. These summer days, I have a lot more free time, so believe me, I work on the site a lot more because I love doing it. And when I can't sleep, I think of ideas, and believe it or not, I actually get the best ideas while I stare at my ceiling... then I twitch that I can't go and write it down because I'm sleepy, so ah well, I usually remember it anyway. Haha. And what a relief that Andrew & Laura are always online so I can chat with them as they keep me sane when I throw new pages and ideas at that to see what they think before I publish it. Anyway, some great things have come from that, such as the new home page. I think it's pretty awesome, and easier to navigate. That page is jam-packed with all the stuff the site has to offer. Also, in the news of new pages, I also have a new contact us page. Now, it's way easier to contact us (instead of the old way of regular email) if you're into that kinda thing. Also, I shall soon be making a seperate form for webmasters who wish to affiliate and partner, so keep an eye out for that.

The Rendezvous. If you are here, reading this blog, you are probably a regular visitor, and you may be wondering when this will release. Well, after this blog post, I shall continue to put the finishing touches on this new adventure. I want this to be perfect and successful, so eh, that's why it's taking so long. But don't worry, hopefully you will love it. :)