happy-4th-of-julyAnd here we go with another update! Things are beginning to change (for the better), but before I being my mumbling, I'd like to wish a happy 4th to those who celebrate it! the-rendezvousOk, so here we go with some updates. FIRST, The Rendezvous is reaching the final stages of production. Right now, you can go to the explore page and register for an account. Until further notice, you're access will be pending approval, and will be granted access once the rendezvous is open. I already have a few that signed up, and yes, I know you can't get in yet, and that's because I have yet to grant you access, and will do so when the rendezvous is open for the public.

Also, I've put a lot of thought into this next thing, so here goes: nRant. nRant is "Nintendo Rant", a new staple coming to the site, which will give me space to discuss the latest news and products from Nintendo. I know some of my pals who also run Nintendo sites ask where the "news" is... so, well, it's now here, as nRant! Yay! This, in turn, will also liven up the blog with more of my thoughts, and keep the blog a bustling place, because frankly, I really love this blog and feel it's a connection between me and my readers. So, look out for new nRant posts coming shortly to a blog near you!

Speaking of blogs, actually, since you just read a couple of lines ago that I really love the blog, I'm beginning to put more effort into it to be easier, and more fun to read. I love writing these things (even if not many read them... heh), but heck, I'm going to have fun with these blog posts. Consider this the first of new and improved blog posts. I just want throw a more personal touch to my blog. Also, as far as the blog post page, I've decided to limit the number of posts per page to 7, instead of 10. That way, the page loads faster, and also, since I used to not make posts that often, you won't see something outdated by just scrolling down a bit.

And, I believe, that's it for now. As I write this, I wait for the fireworks tonight, and then pump my fists in anticipation for the 6th. My own holiday. Do you not love that new festive banner up on the site?? :)