mario-kart-madness-TEMPORARYIt's here. Yeah, I know we said it will release in mid-May, but I'm sure by now you know not to believe what we say... or at least as far as timelines go. Eh, what are you gonna do? So, anyway, yes, a new video is here. Finally. We did stick by the odd prequel we posted back 2 months ago on our youtube channel and continued on with a Mario-Kart themed video. I must say, the video was quite random in the long run. I felt it was a little rushed, but that was mainly because I was suppose to get braces... TODAY, and well, we already had half the video done a few months ago, and the ending was finished a couple days ago, and I didn't want me to randomly have braces at the end of the video... haha. ;) But anyway, I just came back from the dentist this morning to find out that the dentist was out of town and whatnot... but ugh, it's a long story that will most likely bore you, but long story short, we coulda worked on the video more had I known my braces would be postponed until August 6th. Ah well. So, let me know what you think. Head over to the project page to see the video and other info! Thanks guys! And also, the rendezvous will be releasing very very soon... so, for those of you who signed up and are pending access, thanks for your patience, the adventure is almost here!