Ok so, according to the title, this is more or less a contradicting post, but ehhh... anyway, there's so much to tell you guys since the last post in September, and when the new blog application is installed onto the site, you guys will receive the biggest, most awesome blog post informing you of everything from then up until now. Also, the new blog app will use your own WebsID accounts! Sadly, as you can already guess, it's...


I'm so excited for the release of the new blog application, which is currently slated for release in early December. Please hang tight, as I said, I will soon make up for all my lost time in the blog!! In the mean time, why not jump into the forums?! :] If not, (or even if you are going to the fourms) you are encourgaed to post a comment on this final post in the old blog saying how excited you are for my ramblings to soon return in all it's glory! :D

Look how excited Mario is... he's defying death!