Sooooo... guess what? We have a new video out today! Woooo hooo! Yep, our brand new film we promised by the end of 2008, is Rock Band Documentary. In the video, we tried to make a band because we became bored of random comedies that are really not that funny at all... haha. But, as we make the band... well, I won't spoil it, so GO SEE the documentary!

With the release of this new movie, I decided to make things a little extra special, as this is the first video to be viewed in the brand new Video Theater!
I am very excited to release this, basically, a video application, and that you can now view the videos literally on the site... and you can also comment with your profiles! It's so cool, and be sure to check it out! You can get to the Theater throught the Project page, or anytime you see a video icon... also, with this new app, members will soon be able to post their own videos, making it a true theater experience (it would be lame if a movie theater just had the same movies, huh?)! :)
And so that's that in a nutshell. You can now see the new video also on the home page, complete with a brand new site tagline, thanks to Mr. Andrew Shain. And.. if you were wondering bloopers... YES, they are coming TODAY! The link (at the time of writing) is currently dead as the bloopers are not done yet, but keep your eyes peeled on the home page when you see the link turn green indicating it is now clickable, and be prepared to laugh hard... very, very hard. [:
(edit: 9:50 PM EST -  the bloopers are now online!)