I am pretty cool... well, not that cool. But apparently, cool enough to get the attention of one of our affiliates, Nathan Adam's Smile. Yeah, that's right, a blog post about affiliates! Haven't you seen that "new" update next to the affiliates link on the sidebar? (I've used "affiliate" 3 times now) ... make sure you check out that page, and even apply if that's your cup of tea! Anyway, Nathan has asked for a quick little interview about my take on the Nintendo world, hence the title... you do get it, right?! The title is a reference to a movie I have recently seen, which is now pretty much my favorite, Frost/Nixon! :] That being said... it's an interview! Do you even know what my "favorites" are, as far as Nintendo goes? Yeah, I didn't think so. ;] Well, now you can find out! Nathan is a great pal of mine who lives in Australia (he is probably sleeping as I write this), and he loves the site, and even works with Laura for getting his own comic art. So, as a visitor, I ask you to support him (along with my other affiliates of course!!), and visit his site, now with this exclusive interview with me! :D I feel so special! Haha. Here's a quick snippet to get you excited!

"Uhh, well from #1.1-1.3, all the way to the latest video, Rock Band Documentary (at time of writing), I really don't write a script for it. I literally gather the group for a Saturday and just film... or at least for the projects I call "Improvisational Videos," which are basically just random videos with no structure. Haha, it doesn't sound as bad as it does, as of course I do have some idea I want to accomplish. Just recently I've been working on an actual script for a new series of videos, but that's a secret for now."

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