Written by: jinxsprinkles999

Hey guys jinx here!

Since there seems to be a little confusion abotu when out next video is and other random updates im here to clarify some coudy subjects. Jeff is disclosing the time when he makes the next video so we will jsut have to wait. I mean im like second in command and I don't know when this thing is going to made. In case the other admins were aondering i about myrank: I am only being sarcastic about how vague the date of makig this video really is im not actually second in command. Anyway the videoo date is disclosed due to unknown reasons 9_9 .


A new and excting feature that should actually be up within the month is an online comic of nintendo boy and his sidekick jinx. yes! an online comic! the bet part is that these are new adventures that you cannot see in theat... i mean videos!

Another subject that will be discussed at will is an ethics page only because Jeff and I have been arguing ovwr this for the past day. I will open a forum section over this question soon so that i can finally figure out who has the better argument. I don't know. could you please help me!?

otherwise enjoi the site!