Written by: Andrew Shain

Now most people ask: How did Jeff get to be so funny? This Article is all about how not only Jeff, but humor in general works. It was a long and extensive research process but I think I finally have narrowed down the four components to being funny.  Of course this article is coming from the least funny person in the videos, but hey, we all can't be Bruce Willis! The components are...


1) Timing - First you don't ever want to have bad timing. It's the most important of them all, even more so than the joke itself. You do not want to tell a joke at a funeral for instance (trust me), they will call you stupid and kick you out. The appropriate timing is between 1-5 seconds after someone has set you up for the joke, any earlier and you will look like a chiming-in turd. And later and people will say you have bad timing.

2) Material - This is the actually Joke. This consists of the Set-Up and Punch-line. Set-ups can get a bit lengthy thats why you should always try and shorten the set-up as much as possible. The Punch-line should have a funniness factor of 4:1 minimum (see wikipedia's "Funny Factor, Section 5, Page E7)

3) Delivery - This correlates to your timing, this and how you express the joke. Laugh, or at least chuckle) when you say the funny part so they know when to laugh, however do not laugh hard enough that no one can hear you.

4) Audience - Don't tell Jew jokes to Holocaust survivors.

This all being said, you can just do what Jeff does and plagiarize all of your jokes from Family Guy, Futurama, or the Simpsons. This and stealing all of my ideas/jokes will get you far in life and you too can be just like Jeff and wind up somehow with your own successful website! (Please, invest in my upside-down hair! It's the only thing I still have to my name!)

-Andrew "Are you joking kidding me?!" Shain