St. who?! St. Valentine! HAAAAAA! Get it?! Well, I'd be surprised if you did. It's a reference to a promise I made EXACTLY a year ago today! :D You can see this blog post (St. who?) by clicking on these words. However if you are of the lazy type and do not want to click the entry link, I'll quote myself from the post: "The next time you see it [the "You Touch My Heart" image] will be in 2009. That of course is if my stuff is successful and my site will live to see the day. Heh... Ew, kinda nervous now." Ahhhh! Do you see why I am so ZOMG!?? We made it. :) Our site HAS lived to see the day!! Isn't it amazing? Who woulda thought that a year later from that blog post I'd be writing about this in which you are reading now? Ha! Sure we don't have many videos and they are subpar (lol), but heeyyyy, you still come back to the site, right?! We ARE cool, yes?!?! Haha. I am quite pleased with myself, the site, and the people who help make it possible, including the visitors who read this! Yay! :D Happy Valentine's Day! I hope yours (or Single's Awareness Day) was fantastic. I know mine was. :]]] I literally love you guys... thanks for continuing to support the site, even just by reading my words I type. :] While I didn't have time to get around to making a V-Day NintendoBoy video, I do have something better... a love song with Mario Kart lyrics! This is a famous video on YouTube with over 2 million videos, so you may of seen it, but if not, you are in for a treat! I have this song on my iPod... not even kidding. Amazing music, and the lyrics are just fantastic; if you love Mario Kart, you will get very smiley from this. :]] Enjoy, and thanks for staying with the site everyone! ZOMG... I can't believe we are still around...! x)