Written by: jinxsprinkles999

It's time for some relaxingafter this long long winter. I got home recently and saw soem daffodils in bloom. This is a good sign because daffodils do not brave the cold very well. Or maybe it was chrisanthamums...is that even spelled right? oh well. I digress. In the end this means summer is soon approaching and i decided to take a break from all the work that i force myself to do.


My favorite place in the world to hang out onlin(other than nintendoboy.com of course) is www.Newgrounds.com. It is a great place with parodies, games, forums, blogs by creator Toim Fulp and other eccentricites. I will warn the faint of heart though: there are some weird things on ehre so be carefl wha tyou click on. Just observe with care cause there is reat entertainment for all ages from Alien Hominid to $00per NiN10doh. Speaking of which this is one particular parody that is hilarious. ngo ahead and check it out! i gave it a 5 of 5 and a 10 of 10. you will be laughing about ti for days. Again, it can be vulgar so i hope you aren't a binch of prude fools.

Another great site to visit when youa re bored is www.addictinggames.com. this plae is a good for passing the time when ou re waiting to be too tird to even care anymore. from lash FPS to strategy tower defense you can find every flash game here.

Finally is a reading place for when you dont' actually "crack open a book" and reaqd for real. there are a binch of comic sites you can melt your brain with. One place is mangavolume where there are tons of uploaded translated mangas for your perusal. Another great comic place called snafu-comics has a bunch of great online comics that are based on other movies and books. They have very unique plots though and vivid and wide range of choices to read. they are always updating and always open for new members for you artists out there. finally the one and only  MEGATOKYO. this is my favorite online comic that has gotten really weird and dramatic lately but still entertaining. It is a little long so if youar e going to try and catch up to me i suggest getting an easy chair and a laptop.   NOW if you have blogged all you can, responded to every forum, and beaten every game you can expand your online partnership with new and unique horizons with odd people and even weirder ideas.

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