Written by: jinxsprinkles999

With summer soon approaching the time for The chosen one has come!

With my cool AWOL self i came up with a bunch of great ideas for the summer season and hope you all look forward to the upcoming entertainment. While you jsut imagine the Nintendo greatness let me redirect you to the amazing Scatman. I believe it is very appropriate for the celebration of this time. Nintendoboy and myself have graduated so we can be consideredfree men. Anyway back to the focus. with the lack of shows i bet you guys really want a newe episode. I can just ask for your patience and support and trust me when i say we have a great idea on the way. As far as i know it will include commentary on... on.... heck i I know you'll have to ask nintendoboy. Anywa theres the update and what is happening. PEACE!

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