Not sure what to do anymore. This site, oh how much I love it, is dying. No one visits it anymore. I used to have almost around 500 unique visitors a day, now I'm lucky if I have 50. I don't know what's wrong. I try so hard. The Rendezvous... sure, that's my fault. But the forums, the games, everything else... it's just not what it used to be anymore. I mean, even the main part, the videos... I never received a single comment on my site with my latest video. :[ Guys, you have no idea how hard I work on this site and the videos for it, and I hardly ever see any love. So I'm pretty much thinking of deleting the site. Making videos is still up in the air, and even I'm not sure if that's going to remain alive on YouTube. I'm looking at other possible options for other sites. I'm still in a limbo, as I have just lost all hope, but don't want to see the site go down. If you want to have an idea of how bad we really are, the company that I sell advertising on actually yanked my ad box because my traffic was pretty low. Bummer indeed. x.x Leave me a comment with your thoughts... I'm open for ideas or anything you have to say. But for now, I may start digging the grave for The Nintendo Boy Project. :[ I'll hopefully see you again on some other site. Good bye for now... :(