Written by: Andrew Shain

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This one time, at band camp...

... I wore a wedding dress to band rehearsal not realizing that it was a TOTAL mistake. Forget the dress, the MAKEUP was the worst.

-Joshua Indech

... the Euphonium skit was starting to get inappropriate... like Peter Fugate cross-dressing! So G rang the gong to stop the skit 50 times and the Euphoniums refused to stop the skit.

-Michelle C. Parkos

...  the year before my last I spent the night before the first rehearsal with instrumnets cleaning my horn, and then after breakfast I accidently left my case open and it fell out when I picked it up and the thrid valve got bent. D'OH!

-Richard Sponholz

... My 8th grade band camp (Encore) a few guys stole my bed and literally hid it in the closet which locked from the inside. I didn't realize this till late after free time. By the time I got my mattress out, I realized they also accidently broken one of the legs of my bed which I then had to pay $54 for.

-Andrew Shain

... someone tried to curl another girl's hair with one of those round brushes right before lights out one night and it got stuck in her hair and the chaperones were up for an extra hour untangling it from her hair.

-Christine 'Steen' Krause

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