There are always two choices to everything. Or, at least two, anyway. One of them is getting nothing done... and that is no laughing matter, right Christian Bale?! (; The other one is getting everything done... and the latter is always something that should be on the horizon. Since I'm in college, and considering it's really expensive and a vital component to my future success in life, I've decided to get everything done in college. That's right people, I'm doing well right now... academically. The college I currently attend, KSU, does not have the major I want to... major in... so I'm working on kicking butt here and gaining a plethora of hours to transfer to UGA, which has one of the best journalism schools in the nation! I am on the right track, having already a lot of hours from my hard work on my AP & IB exams in high school! Also, Josh attends UGA, so if we both go there, we'd most likely try to room together, and the site may very well explode with continuous content! =] Having said that, there are things to do. Goals to reach. People to see. Places to go. (I dunno why I said all that, just kinda rolled off the tongue). Because of the busy life in college, as you all know, there hasn't been a new update or video since we all left for college in August. Although we are all used to long breaks in videos, huh? :-/ WELL ANYWAY, you know where this is going. There's a new video out! In my quest to "getting EVERYTHING done," I can't leave out my internet project... which, for the record, I enjoy very much... if only there was more time in the day... *sigh*

Sooo... here it is! It's called "Hardly Working," and it guest stars one of my good friends, Sara Endres, who visited me here at college last night, and we were like... let's make a video; that's right, this video is 100% improvised. No joke. We had no idea what we were gonna do, but Sara and I had a blast doing it!! That being said, this video is the first ever to not feature the original crew, only because we have all parted our separate ways in college for now. However it won't be the end of the other guys, as we will continue to try to make videos with Josh and the rest of the gang whenever we can! But this video is refreshingly new, and I think you guys will like it.. at least... I hope you will, haha! Consider this a short, but quick update of the site, and despite college being busy, we will do our best to serve all of our lovely fans! (:

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