Written by: Katie Marsh

Hey nintendoboy fans! I never ever thought I would be writing a blog post for nintendoboy.com (much less be in a video xD), but here I am! So, I am happy to inform you that part two to Takeover is up today! I had TONS of fun making this little set of videos with everybody, but I honestly had no idea that the making of these videos involved so much time! I mean, when you're watching nintendoboy videos, they are only three minutes long so you're probably thinking, "HAHA! What a funny nintendoboy video, I bet that took no time at all!" ... Okay, so you probably weren't thinking that at all (except for the HAHA part, right?), in fact, you probably haven't thought at all about how long it takes to film and edit a video. Well neither did I until recently! First there has to be a plan of some sort of what the video is supposed to be about. And for the first time EVER (I'm pretty sure...), someone -Jeffrey Vega- actually wrote out a rough sketch before filming *GASP*! I know, I know, it's crazy... Second, you actually have to film the scenes in the video (Who would have thought?). You would not believe how many times it takes for one scene to be filmed sometimes! Luckily, there is a lot of laughing and silliness involved when this happens, so I think everyone secretly enjoys the 117th take... As for editing, I still don't really know that much about the mechanics of it. But I do know that Jeff does ALL the editing, and that it takes hours and hours, and that he does an awesome job :) and probably doesn't get the credit he deserves here because who thinks about the editing of a video while you are watching it? Usually no one. But now perhaps you will!

Anyways, now that you know a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes, I hope you enjoy part two even more now that you know how much time, effort, and TLC goes into these videos, along with the fact that the videos are being put up on a weekly basis currently. Whether they will be in the future weeks remains a mystery! I don't know of any videos in the near future, but hopefully I am wrong and there are more ideas to be filmed during the winter break! I would love love love to be involved in more videos now that I've experienced what its like once already (Wait, twice if you include part one... wait, thrice if you include the failed Halloween video!)! All right, well, go watch the video, LOL (literally), and comment on the video (here... or on youtube... or on facebook... or on all three! The choice is yours :D). OH! And happy holidays!!!

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