Spring Break can be very productive. But actually, they usually end up not being productive at all. You're at school, the Friday afternoon before Spring Break, thinking... "alright! I have a whole week to do that essay and catch up and everything... everything's gonna be just fine!" Fast forward to Sunday night before returning to school... "crap." Here at Nintendo Boy, we want the exact opposite of that to happen. So instead of having all this free time with everything to do, we were PREPARED (like Daffy Duck and his handkerchief) AND PLANNED SOMETHING! For us, our Spring Breaks were nothing like how I described seconds ago. My Spring Break was about the second week of March, which allowed me to pick up Plastic Beach by Gorillaz at home (yay for an amazing album) as well as get together with the original Nintendo Boy crew (it's been sooo long), as well as meeting up with old high school friends to make The Great Bowl-Off video. It has almost 300+ views and it hasn't even been a month since it's uploaded, so I call that a win (remember the fact that we're not popular at all)! For the high school Spring Break, I was able to meet up with some more fantastic new people I met from Ubersuperbular... they were hilarious and we hope to do another collaboration in the near future! As the high school break nears the end of this week, Andrew Shain makes time out of his busy schedule of getting his driver's license to come visit me at Kennesaw! Okay, well, he didn't have to go that far out of the way... his cousin is the head IT guy at Kennesaw Hall... small world, huh? But seriously, it was so much fun, and I was lucky that 2 out of my 3 classes were canceled for that day so it was more time for our shenanigans!

After binging at the dining hall, and him making a mess in my room and writing all over the walls (you need to pay those fees, you hear me Andrew?!), we finally came up with an idea for a new video where I'm a total jerk to him as he tries to visit me and makes a home movie out of it... ohhh, good times. But really though, Andrew actually is that annoying in real life. *WINK + SMILE + THUMBS UP*

Click here to watch it on YouTube!

Oh, and by the way... we had so much footage for this video! Probably at least like 18 minutes, ahaha! Sadly, we can not do that (well we could, but who would watch an 18-minute video?), so it is quite possible that a director's cut slash deleted scenes video will be released to our facebook fans! Sigh, if only you knew how much I had to cut. So many one-liners will never be heard.... and by "never be heard," I mean "recycle for use" in the next video, HA! Thanks for reading!! (;

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