Phew. It's been a while hasn't it? Well for me at least. I realize that no one really notices whether or not I post a new entry for a video, save for a few people. ;)

Okay, so that's just me wanting attention. But isn't that what the point of having a blog is? Actually I love just having an archive of all my posts to read. I always go back and read old ones, and it's like... wow... why did I say that, or wow I'm cool, haha. BUT anyway, let's get straight down to business. I apologize for the mini-hiatus in bloggery, but the last month and half was home to all of busy events, including me concluding my freshman year of college! I'm actually finishing up the "2 week break" between Spring & Summer semester, so let me take this time to take a large gasp of air (I know that's a weird saying, but I just love this image haha)! Alright... so, let's talk Awkward Moments. We all have 'em. What better way to connect with everyone than a video of awkward moments? My personal favorite was the one where you run into someone, try to get out of their way yet the person tries to get out of their way in the same direction you did, and- ahhh... so AWKWARD. Haha, I love it. I was lucky to be able to pull this off with a great collaboration lined up with the people on my dorm floor, so you may recognize a few from Floor Interviews. It starred myself, Alex Goran, Ashley Corrao, Branden Riggins, Danielle Ballew, Femi Ogun, and Lauren Dickey, and was filmed by me, Danielle, and Femi, with the exception of the awkward elevator scene, which is filmed by Tyler Price (who just randomly showed up to help... thank you so much man!) It was a lot of fun, and took a lot of time to film, as evidenced by our special video of outtakes exclusively on our facebook page. So... yeah. Eh. Wow, it's been a while since Awkward Moments, actually. I really shouldn't wait this long to write up an entry. ... and yes, as you can tell, I am and always completely winging it. :]

Anyway, here's what I'll do, if you have any questions about Awkward Moments, leave them in the comments, and I will answer you! (considering I have a small fan base on the site, I don't really expect much response... but hey, surprise me!) I apologize for the lacking entry, again, but I really am just coming up on empty on this subject... now THIS is awkward!

Click here to watch it on YouTube! | Click here to watch the Outtakes exclusively on Facebook!