Whew, so much updates going on. Well, I'd just like to get this all down on paper to keep me on track here. Feel free to comment! ^^ Heh well anyway, here's the first big update... [update: this feature was removed]

A new project so big it gets it's own domain name! That's right, internetdinosaurforums.com is our new community center. It just opened, so I need your help to bring it to life. Who knows, I may be lurking there too! :D

Second order of business... I have cleaned up the films page... finally, that place was a mess. I decided to not host the videos here because they are too big so I'll just link to YouTube. Also, you can now download the videos for your viewing pleasure without the internet, or perhaps on your portable device; it's your choice, really.

And third item, which is actually bigger than the second, but eh, whose counting? The third point is the new Nintendo section of the site, a sort of re-make of the old Radar: Nintendo page. Actually, the concept is really different, but again, who are you to complain? :P Hopefully that will be filled with Nintendo goodies in part with my good ol' visitors. *whisper* That's you!

Okay, so last but certainly not least... episode #1.3. The script is done and filming will begin on Saturday, and hopefully some editing will take place the following morning. Here's the deal people: I want to see #1.3 as much as you do, so here's the date: December 30th, 2007, 8 P.M. EST. You shall see a coundown thingy on the films page. Yep, I know I've been beating around the bush with the date, but I'm not kidding this time. I want to release this before we step into 2008. Speaking of that, hope to see you there!