wga-strikeIf you haven't heard yet, the Writer's Guild of America Strike (in the States) that lasted from early November last year ended last night. I am happy to hear that the the writer's are finally getting the attention they deserve. We can now have back our beloved shows such as House, The Office, and 24! On a completely unrelated note, the scripts for Razorswitch has begun. This weekend, I will gather with my crew to begin production for the introductory episode. This is something to look out for; it's going to be a great comedy. Where else will you be able to get fold-out tables, Pop-tarts, and monkey problems all in one series?

On a more... cooler note... with the progress & production of the new project, you should be ecstatic to know that I shall post a daily blog update on the site EVERYDAY! *Actually, it will be everynight. But anyway, that's right, every day ending in a "y"! This posts will mainly be progress stuff, but who knows, you may stumble upon on something incredibly neat.

Also, by popular demand, a flash version of Super Smash Bros. is now added in the game room! And yes, I do realize that that page is a mess, and I shall get to cleaning that up eventually. :]

Cheers for now!