majoras-mask-moonHave you heard? Tonight is a lunar eclipse! Well, not with the moon from Majora's Mask pictured to the right, and not a blue moon. Ah, I'm sure you know what I mean. I live in the EST zone, so it's coming up soon (and by soon, I mean, 9ish P.M. EST soon!) It should be spectacular and something not to be missed, as the next full lunar eclipse will grace the skies in 2010. Are you confused? All your answers including what it is and when it is at this website, so go there now! It should be neat.

... Er, so that post was so random. I don't even know how to lead into what I was going to say. Hmm, well, as far as last weekend went, well... it rained pretty hard for the first time in a while here in the GA area, so I postponed the Razorswitch filming. I am aiming for this weekend... my goal is to have out the first video episode to you BEFORE Brawl launches, which is March 9th for you non-Nintendo-goers. Also, a friend and I are also working on launching the Project:NintendoBoy page too, but that will be after Razorswitch. Ahhh, so much to do, so little time!

Oh, and I dunno if you've checked this out, but... I finally cleaned up the game room. It's incredibly efficient now as the page is smaller and the games should launch in their own window, so make sure you allow pop-ups from my site. Don't worry, you know I care about your safety, especially here, so, no worries. But yeah, seriously check out the Game Room. If you were unaware about a Game Room here... er, check out the community page. There's a giant link there. =] And yes, now that I've fixed up that messy page, I will add more games soon. You see, I actually host the .swf files on my site, so heh, if my site can be accessed from a computer that blocks a lot of fun stuff (i.e. school servers), you should have no problem playing games from such a place. Of course, after you've finished your work. Haha, I don't want to get in trouble with teachers I don't know, on top of the ones I have at my school! xD

Oh yeah, and thanks for the 9 comments that were posted in the previous post. Heh, all the people that posted in the 9 comments (after 9 don't count), are really cool people, and if they have sites, I'd recommend you check 'em out. ^.^ Well, that's it for now. Have a good night, and enjoy the moon and it's lunar-ness. Hehehaha!