Hey everyone!! Whew, when was the last time we had a nice site feature update? You have to admit though, the site has come a long way!! Anyway, I've finally gotten around to cleaning up some things and adding little things here and there, as well as my webhost Webs adding new features to the forums! If you are regular visitor, you may slash may not have noticed some things already, but either way... let's take a look at some bullets! :D

  • Okay, so you probably have noticed an advertisement on the SideBar. Yeahhhh! It's been there for a while, and it's actually racking in some money. Slowly, but surely, we'll get there. :) Help the site out by clicking the ads, or even check out our webstore! (yes, we have one)
  • Remember that blog post a while back about my hatred for Internet Explorer? I complained about a glitch on the About Us page that only showed up in IE. Well, I finally solved that problem by placing the images in a table, so now that page is finally cross-browser friendly.
  • The Video Theater has received some small tweaks so that the video descriptions on the site match exactly on the YouTube direct video page (that took a while!!). The YouTube description boxes now have links to the site for the comics (1.1-1.3)! Also, as a nice added bonus in the Video Theater that every NB video now has a link to the blog post that accompanied it when it was released. I think that's pretty cool, huh? It shows how much we've evolved, plus showed what I was blabbing about at the time of the videos!

Woahhh... okay, so I think I defeated the purpose of bullets by writing a little TOO much. Haha, sorry! I'm sure you guys get the idea. Speaking of the last bullet, a new video, is on the way in the next few days. I'm not kidding!! Last week was a failure, but this weekend we will be filming, and we hopefully will be soon adding another fantastic COUGH video to our Sketch Comedy gallery.

Until that new video, see you then. Have a fabulous weekend!! :)