Written by: Laura

HELLO everyone!


Rant is not only the name of my new phone (yey!) but also a fitting title for this post because I will be talking about a few things that are new to the site. I promise it won't be long so please read it thoroughly.


First off, the Photo App got recently updated, which means that any member can now post their own pictures to the site! Yey!! now you guys can put up appropriate material to the site under your profile so you get the credit. Which brings me to my next point, which are the comics that I drew like ages ago it seems, they do in fact still exist in case you were wondering (yeah right) and Jeff insisted that I put them under my name since he is all about giving 'full' credit to people. Also there is a new little group of comics that are being developed, I'm not really sure when they'll be up but I'm sure they are going to be fantastic!! Better than mine so yeah look out for those. There also might be some new and obscure drawing coming to the site as well no one really knows about it but it will hopefully be a pleasant surprise. AquiloComix also has some things planned out for NB.com so look out for those too. And I think thats all, wow this blog was shorter than I expected, but it's better for you guys since you don't have to sit here and read all the stuff I have to say! x]

Well that being said I hope you guys enjoy the new enhancements to the site and use them because they sure are interesting; and once again be on the lookout for the new content coming your way!!!