Grrr... what's next? Maybe that's what you're thinking. I'm thinking it too. The site, if you're a regular, has been dead for weeks. However I can not emphasis enough of the fact that I view, login, and manage this site everyday. This is my pride and joy. (awkward silence) I have been thinking of completely re-designing the site, but that's a whole 'nother project on it's own. But ergh, getting away from tangents... so yeah, nothing new since the Rock Band video. Pretty sad, huh? I would probably go on to rant that I am a senior in high school, taking IB and AP classes and focusing in on college stuff, and asking you to imagine my crazy schedule, but you probably wouldn't care. :P It's... no excuse, right? Blahhh, so anyway. Videos. Man, I cry myself to sleep every night a new video isn't on the site. And guess what? WE WERE SO CLOSE TO RELEASING A NEW ONE. This video would have made history. It was a music video. I wanted to open a new category on the project page called "Music Videos," to join along side "Sketch Comedy." This video was about Nintendo Boy and Nintendo Girl getting into a fight, to the song of Nothing Better by The Postal Service. If you're wondering about the picture, that was a screenshot of the film you'll never see (well maybe on an upcoming DVD in the "deleted scenes"... LOL) , and there's a line that says "Don't you feed me lies about some idealistic future," which then cues the shot of the Scrabble board. Haha. And then our names and the site name was just a random touch. ERRRRRRR, but anyway, so we have so much filming on this. Like I seriously want to show you guys, and to be honest, I've seriously sat and thought long and hard on ways of how I could release this mess of clips of very well-shot scenes to us just goofing around, but I really couldn't come up with anything. Oh well? (hint hint: you guys have any ideas?) Ok, so the main gist is that in the editing process, there are some parts where either Megan or I sang too fast and the syncing up of the audio would not end up working, and pretty much the editing of this video as a whole would actually be impossible. However, I learned a lot about approaching the directing in a whole new way, and I think I may have a better idea of handling the NB shoots.

I'm writing this out to you on a Friday night. It's been a long week at school for me. Next week, all juniors are taking the Georgia High School Graduation Test (ie half-days for everyone else BUT juniors), and then, SPRING BREAK, and then NEW YORK BAND TRIP! ... I really don't know why I said all that. ...*2 minute break* ... You know, now that I read over this small random paragraph again, it's actually technically Saturday morning? I dunno. Well anyway, this weekend I do plan to try another video so I can push out an update for the project, as well as continue to work on actual site related things that you may never even notice. Why do I do it? I don't even know.

And... the beginning of the previous paragraph made me remember to mention that I am actually building a personal site of mine that will be seperate from this site, but will be integrated at the same time with NintendoBo- ahh, no no! You'll see, you'll see!! Haha! I will also be picking up on the twitter craze, so if you're into that, follow me! Anyway, please stick around. I know the site has been dead, but we are still here, alive and well. :)